You have finally made up your mind to install a pool in your backyard. Maybe you received that long-deserved promotion, or your partner finally sees all the benefits of a backyard pool. Whatever the reason, we tell you why having your private pool is a splendid idea!

It’s summertime, and all you want to do is lounge lazily in the calm waters of the backyard pool. You have always dreamed of your children playing in the pool as you soak in all the fun-filled memories. Now that you are ready, you probably wonder which type of swimming pool is the right one for you and your family.

Different kinds of swimming pools can be constructed or installed in your backyard. It all depends on your requirements, zoning laws in Winnipeg and the topography of your backyard. We discuss the various kinds of swimming pools and help you decide the right one for your backyard.

There are inground pools, above-ground pools and even on-ground pools. You probably have a fair idea of each of these pools, but we discuss the advantages, disadvantages of these three pools. There are other types of swimming pools that have been repurposed from shipping containers.

Shipping container pools are growing increasingly in Canada and particular Winnipeg. They are incredibly cost-effective and, since they are repurposed, appeal to a broader audience.

Above-Ground Pool For Your Backyard

As the name suggests, these kinds of pools are installed above the ground. Above-ground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These pools do not require a lot of construction work and can be installed in a few days.

Generally, above-ground pools are classified as affordable and have lower operating costs. Since these pools are prefabricated, you can ensure their structural integrity and detect any leaks early on.

Unlike the older models, modern-day pools are designed with aesthetics in mind and blend beautifully with the landscape of your home. Moreover, they can be fitted with massage jets and saltwater systems. They offer safety features, especially for young children and older adults.

In-ground Swimming Pool For Your Backyard

The other popular kind of pool is an in-ground pool. An inground pool is constructed by excavating the ground. You can build the swimming pool using vinyl or concrete.

Concrete pools are expensive but also very durable. Moreover, concrete can be cast into different shapes to suit your liking. If you intend to shape your pool to fit your backyard’s landscape, then using concrete may be a wise choice.

Viny is another popular material used in the construction of inground pools. Modern technology allows for the material to be cast into different shapes and sizes. These are also a good alternative for your backyard pool in Winnipeg.

On-ground Swimming Pool For Your Backyard

This swimming pool is a hybrid between in-ground and above-ground pools. While they have a look and feel of an inground pool, they can be installed faster and are considerably cheaper.

On-ground pools are partially in-ground and suitable for backyards that are sloped. They have much more similarity with an in-ground pool since its construction is similar. Its foundation and walls are made with steel and aluminum.

This type of pool is limited in shape and size but has excellent structural support and will last you for years.