With a variety of options to customize your shipping container pool, you can tailor it to your family’s specific requirements.

Turn your pool into an exercise machine by adding jets that allow you to swim for as long as you can.

A mineral pool can turn your backyard into a spa oasis by providing rejuvenating properties for your skin and muscles. It makes the water softer and is safe for infants, pregnant women and allergy sufferers.

You will have a heat pump already installed ready to warm up and ventilate your shipping container pool. All you have to do is open the valves and set the temperature. Combining a mineral system with your heating system will turn your pool into a hot spring.

Shipping Container Pools Winnipeg


All of our shipping container pools come assembled, making it one of the most sustainable pools on the market.

With a filtration system below the deck and stairs, you still get extra storage space.

Wide steps lead up to the landing through a child-safe door, so you don’t have to worry about little ones wandering in.

A smooth, nonporous surface means algae has nowhere to latch onto, making cleaning so much easier. You can use fewer chemicals and spend less of your time cleaning. Fewer chemicals also mean it is safer and healthier for yourself and the environment.

It has a smooth finish, so you do not have to worry about snagged swimsuits or skinned knees. The ledge around the perimeter of the pool gives children a safe place to stand at all times.

If you happen to move houses, you can now take your pool with you. A shipping container pool is fully portable.