If you have a pool in your backyard, you need to have privacy from your neighbours or if you have limited space. The following tips will help you create a more private environment:

Add Privacy Screens

You can’t control what your neighbours do, but you can block it out of your sight by adding privacy screens in your backyard. These freestanding screens are easy to find and very stylish, so you can elevate the appearance of your backyard while blocking out unsightly views and nosy neighbours. You will be able to choose different designs and height options, so you will find screens that match your style and preferences. Additionally, most of these screens fold, so you can store them during the winter, which is an added bonus.

Add More Greenery

You can be very strategic with landscaping, and this option will help create more privacy. Potted trees, climbing vines, and tall grasses are all great options you can consider, so get creative with greenery because this is an effective solution that is also quite beautiful. Place your greenery strategically around your backyard and play around with different sized planters.

Consider a Pergola

This is a great solution that will give your backyard the privacy it needs from above. It’s a classic option that is very beautiful, and this structure will obstruct views from neighbours in taller homes or buildings that are close by. Pergolas will also offer you shade, so you can enjoy the outdoors even on very hot days.

Hang Curtains

This one simple step can make a world of difference, so invest in this very affordable item to give your patio a little bit of privacy. What’s great about this option is that in addition to privacy, drapery can also add a lot of character and colour to your backyard, so you will love your new hangout spot. If you don’t want to be bold, select neutral tones that will feel calming.

Consider Faux Items

If you want a quick solution and don’t have a ton of time on your hands, consider going faux because artificial boxwood looks great and lasts forever. It can also be moved around to section off an area, so you can do a lot in terms of privacy.

Consider a Sun Sail

This will provide you with privacy and shade and is a very easy solution that is affordable and quick to install. Feeling as though you are being watched from above will lead you to run inside, but a sun sail will provide you with the privacy you’re after, so you will get to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Not only will this solution protect you from prying eyes, it will protect you from UV rays as well.

If you’re interested in updating your backyard, Boxx Pool can help. We will elevate your outdoor space with a high-quality shipping container pool, so contact us today for more information!