You’re embarking on an exciting journey of constructing or installing a swimming pool in the backyard of your home in Winnipeg. You’re thrilled simply thinking about all the fun, relaxing times you will enjoy by yourself or with family in your new swimming pool. Whether you are considering building an inground pool or installing an above-group pool such as a shipping container pool, there are some steps that you will need to take to prepare your backyard for the new pool.

Where Do I Build My New Pool?

Deciding where you want to build your new inground pool or installing an above-ground pool is the first step in your new home project.

It would help if you considered the ground terrain: Is it rocky, sandy and what about trees and plants in the area? Is the ground even, or is there a slope? You will want to check the zoning regulations in Winnipeg first.

What about electrical power lines, water and drainage lines? How will the construction of your new inground pool affect these lines? You should hire a professional contractor’s services to help you plan and figure out the best appropriate location for the new pool.

Moreover, an architect can also help with the pool’s design and aesthetics if that is something important to you.

What Type Of Pool Should You Build?

Depending on the space, location and requirements, you may consider an inground pool, above-ground pool or even repurposed pools. With more people getting into repurposing to save the environment, shipping container pools have become popular in Winnipeg. Shipping containers can easily be repurposed into a shell for a pool and installed in the backyard of your home. Moreover, this type of pool is cost-effective and helps save you from excavating the earth for an inground pool.

Depending on the type of requirement, you can consider any of these pools. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these pools.

In-ground pool: These are traditional pools that people have designed and built for years. You will need to excavate the ground in your backyard to build this pool. The advantage of this pool is that you can have a pool that goes deep. However, there are significant costs associated with building such a pool.

Above-ground pool: The benefit is that you will not need to excavate for this type of pool. In case of zoning laws or other restrictions, above-ground pools can come to your rescue. People with disabilities may face some difficulty in accessing this pool.

Preparing Your Backyard For a Swimming Pool

You will need to check with zoning laws in Winnipeg before you can prepare to install an in-ground pool. Assuming that you are in the clear for building a pool and know exactly which areas to avoid due to utility lines, here’s how you can prepare your backyard for a new pool:

Clear out the area: This is the first step you want to take. Clear out the vegetation, rocks, debris, temporary structures etc., in the area where you want to build your pool. You may also have to clear out the path where there are trees and plants. However, use natural growth to surround your pool for your privacy.

Just as you would take precautions while building an inground pool, you will need to be mindful of the zoning regulations and also utilities in the area where you propose to install an above-ground pool.

In order to support the new pool, you will need to check that the ground beneath the pool is firm and clear of all vegetation. The ground below must be able to withstand the weight of the pool and not sink with pressure. Therefore, you will need to even out the surface and test the soil before you can consider installing the pool.