Shipping container pools are quickly changing the way we look at swimming pools. They are breathing fresh life into the age-old formula of expensive backyard pool constructions, with high costs for labour and materials. The re purposed shipping containers are initially designed to transport cargo, hence are structurally sound. Unlike in-ground pool constructions, these take minutes to set up, are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. It pays to be aware of the pros and cons before you invest in one. Boxx Pool gives you the low-down to help you make an informed choice. 

Pros of Shipping Container Pools

Size and Surface Variations

Let’s start with the size. Shipping pools usually come in two space-friendly size options:

  • 8 feet by 20 feet
  • 8 feet by 40 feet

The surface goes through a strengthening process to convert them into water-tight shell. The corrugated steel walls are lined by a second layer of galvanized steel and fibre glass to add weight, durability and insulation. 

Customized Aesthetics

They can be custom-designed to exact specifications. You can add wood panelling to add a touch of spa-like luxury so they don’t look like shipping containers. Aesthetics are limited only by your imagination. The long length of the pool makes them excellent for training and swimming laps. 

Affordable Price

Shipping container pools are stylish and more affordable than other pools. You may not need to build a fence around an above ground pool so you can cut down on further expenses. Just a gate to restrict entry is enough.

Easy Mobility

One of the biggest advantages of shipping pools is that they are easy to transport. If you move home, your pool can move with you from the old property to the new, unlike fixed in-ground pools, so your investment pays off better. They are as easy to install as fibre glass pool and ready to use soon after installation. In-ground pool takes several months to build.

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Cons of a Shipping Container Pool

Limited Width

Larger container pools can cost twice as much as regular sized shipping pools. Add to that are costs for water features, labour and a deck. Although they are spacious in length, they don’t extend beyond eight feet in width. 

Single Entry and Exit

Above ground shipping pools have just a single entry and exit point unlike in-ground pools. Maintenance can be a challenge as it is not easy to vacuum, remove debris and leaves from the pool since you it’s hard to move around the pool.

Same Shape

Although you can customize panels around the pool, the shape of your shipping pool doesn’t give you many creative options for installation. They are all narrow, long and rectangular, making them difficult to fit into all kinds of spaces. 

Vulnerable Materials 

The innermost shell is made of fibreglass, hence like all fibreglass surfaces, they are prone to spider cracks if the container not brought from a high-quality supplier or handled with care. Maintenance and upkeep costs are required to keep the materials in good shape. Integrating a salt water system may make it prone to further damage as salt and metal have a challenging relationship. Salt in the pool will make the container prone to corrosion. Your pool will also be hard to heat up and cool down. 

Boxx Pool – Innovative, Attractive and Durable 

For a shipping container pool that makes a statement, contact Boxx Pool. We can help you convert them into luxurious designer pools, designer spas, add lights, jets and cutting-edge technology that’s easy to transport. Let us help you make your backyard more space-efficient and economical. Call us for a quote.

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