A pool is always a great way to add value to your summer lifestyle and home investment but it can bite into a good chunk of your budget. The pool budget is a concern for many homeowners. Are you one of them? If you are contemplating a new pool this summer or thinking of updating your existing one, you may want to browse through these tips to save energy and money, before you proceed to bring your vision to life.

Save Energy

Technologically advanced energy-efficient pool products can make a big difference in costs. Combine it with easy pool maintenance and your expenses can reduce substantially.

Pool pumps

Pool pumps that run on high power at all times take up a lot of energy. Variable-speed pool pumps with automated control match the pump flow with the needs of the pool. They do not run on full power all the time unlike full-powered speed pumps. When the pump speed is reduced by half during low use, only about one-eighth of pump energy is used, saving you up to 90% more on energy costs. Variable-speed pool pumps use far less electricity annually, so greenhouse gas emissions are reduced substantially too.

Automated pool cleaning technology

Automated technology reduces labour-intensive functions. From sanitization to balancing pH, filtration and cleaning, advanced technology can reduce costs long-term. Robotic pool cleaners for instance are engineered to skim the pool’s surface and clean up debris. Some of them come with a canister that empties and rinses itself out automatically. These save you time, energy and high manual labour costs. What’s best is that they use about the same amount of energy as an incandescent bulb. Even when the filtration system is off, they operate just as efficiently.

Pool Filters

It’s a smart idea to use easy-to-clean pool filters to trap dirt and debris. Automated pool sanitizing systems use salt chlorination and UV/Ozone for cleaning saving you up to 70% on energy costs. You may want to factor in pool cleaning technology when you are planning the budgeting of your pool to save considerable expenses.

Shipping Container Pool

Choosing the right pool products can save you substantial costs just like the selection of pool cleaning equipment does. Consider a shipping container pool instead of traditional construction. This is a smart way to recycle and reuse shipping containers in an eco-friendly way. A shipping container reduces waste. It is easier to turn a backyard into a beautiful pool using a shipping container. The size can be customized to your specifications but usually they are available in a choice of two sizes:

  • 8 feet by 20 feet
  • 8 feet by 40 feet

There’s more to converting a shipping container into a pool than just filling it to the brim with water. It requires professional welding to create a second layer of steel to add weight and durability. Fibreglass shells make a lighter, easy-to-maintain option. Custom containers need a crane to be installed but are sustainable and decrease global footprint.

Boxx Pools, Winnipeg

Boxx Pools helps you tailor your pool to your family’s specific requirements at cost-effective budgets. We help you add jets, turn your backyard pool into a relaxing spa oasis and install heat pumps to warm up and ventilate your shipping container pool to the right temperature setting. Come summer or winter, we ensure all-year comfort at a budget that fits your wallet. Our shipping container pools are fully portable, come assembled, and make one of the most sustainable pools available. If you are looking to upgrade or build a pool in your backyard, call us to discuss how we can value add to your lifestyle in cost-effective ways.