A new pool requires landscaping and while it may feel like a challenge, the following tips will ensure you do it right so that you can enjoy your new inground pool in your beautiful backyard:

  1. Determine your goals. Do not start digging until you’ve identified your goals because these answers will help you shape your surroundings in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle and needs. Questions like “do you have kids?” “Do you have pets?” “Is your pool going to be used for entertainment?” will help bring your landscaping vision to life so that your backyard makes sense and you can enjoy it in the way that you want.
  2. Determine your budget. Your goals will help you set a budget, which will prevent you from overspending. Factor in all of the different costs, including materials, plants and labour. For example, concrete, interlocking brick or a wooden deck are all great options and deciding which is best for your backyard will help you determine a budget that’s realistic.
  3. Landscape right away after your pool has been installed because it will be a lot easier to move materials in and out of your backyard while it’s in the torn apart phase that comes with the installation process. Contractors will likely temporarily remove a portion of your fence, shed, trees, flowerbeds and even turf, so take advantage of this opportunity to complete your landscaping.
  4. Be mindful of the space that you have and select additions that are suitable for your backyard. Pool sheds, gazebos, decks and fountains are all great ideas, but only if it makes sense and the items are relative to the size of your backyard. Your pool should always be the natural focal point of your outdoor space, so do not try to add large items if your space does not allow for them.
  5. Choose the right plants that won’t interfere with your pool and avoid ones that are dangerous. Plants that are not kid or dog-friendly should be avoided at all costs and you should also stay away from plants that trigger allergies or attract bees because this will prevent you from being able to enjoy your pool. Try to select plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance so that you can spend more time swimming and less time working.
  6. Incorporate lighting and shade into your landscaping plans because this will make swimming far more enjoyable, whether it’s night time or blazing hot. You can string patio lights and add a large umbrella, for example.

Boxx Pool in Winnipeg offers both inground and above ground pool shipping container pools. Container storage pools are a great option for those with a smaller outdoor space, so if you want to swim in your backyard this summer, give us a call now!

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