Shipping container pools are very trendy and because of their size are growing in popularity. If you’re looking for an alternative to a standard backyard pool and want an option that is creative, this is definitely the answer.

If space is a concern, a shipping container pool may solve the issue because they are suitable for smaller spaces and accessible to more people because of this aspect. Shipping containers are available in two sizes and can even be customized to fit your backyard specifically. Just because your outdoor space is limited, it does not mean you cannot have a pool. While it may not be the same as a traditional swimming pool, you will have something equally enjoyable that can be designed to suit your needs and space. You will have a range of depths and widths to choose from, so you will be able to find exactly what you need.

The inside is very impressive because it consists of more than just a shipping container that has been filled with water. Manufacturers have a thorough conversion process to ensure they are suitable to swim in. Most shipping container pools will require the use of a crane to be lowered into place, although some can be assembled on site. Depending on the size you have chosen, you may even have the option of installing it indoors because there are a few that occupy very little space whose components can fit through doorways and stairs. If you have the room for it inside your home, you can enjoy a pool all year round and not just during the warmer months.

Shipping container pools are especially useful for families looking to have fun. While you may not be able to swim laps, there will be no shortage of fun and everyone will feel refreshed on hot summer days. Depth is another aspect that can be customized and your pool can have multiple depths or a single one, depending on your needs. It’s important that both adults and kids feel safe, so you can even add benches or seating areas to make your pool more comfortable.

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Whatever your needs may be, a shipping container pool will be able to accommodate them. There are so many ways of customizing them and they are a lot more affordable than traditional pools, which cost a fortune to install. If you’ve always wanted a pool but never had space for it, this is the option for you because you can finally have the outdoor setting you’ve always wanted and Boxx Pool can help you achieve it.

Located in Winnipeg, they provide both in-ground and above ground shipping container pools, so if you’re ready for a new addition to your backyard and want to make your pool dreams a reality, contact Boxx Pool to see why a container storage pool is right for you!