Shocking your pool is important so that you and your family can swim in water that is safe, clean and clear. Without this procedure, you will have a buildup of combined chlorine, which can be dangerous and smell really bad. Shocking your pool is important so that you can enjoy your pool and the clean water inside of it.

This process allows elevated amounts of desirable chlorine to break up the bad chlorine which will contaminate your pool if it’s not at the recommended clean chlorine level. The desirable chlorine is known as free chlorine which will sanitize and disinfect your pool. This process is simple and can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. At the start of the pool season, uncover it, observe that everything looks okay, vacuum it and brush the walls, floors and coves. Before you shock your pool, you must make sure everything looks okay. You’ll also want to make sure you have the proper gear for the shocking process, including protective goggles, gloves and clothes to protect yourself.
  2. Make sure that the pH levels in your pool are balanced.
  3. In a 5 gallon bucket of pool water, prepare the shock ahead of time and stir.
  4. Make sure your pool pump is running properly. Proceed by pouring the mixture from the bucket into the water from the edges of your pool.
  5. Allow the pump to run for roughly about six hours and then test the water. It is not recommended that you jump in right away and it’s best to wait until the free chlorine is at the right level so that it is safe to swim.

Once these five steps are completed, your pool has been shocked and you, your family and friends can jump in!

There are specific times where shocking your pool is most important; the opening day of your pool, when the sun goes down, whenever you’re going to host a pool party, after stormy weather, on very sunny days and lastly, when it’s closing day. If you shock your pool on these occasions you’ll have yourself a nice pool season consisting of clean and healthy water.

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