Even though the summer is just about to start, it’s never too early to think about proper pool care when the season ends. As winter soon approaches, you will want to protect your backyard swimming pool during the off-season. As you check all the boxes on your swimming pool cleaning list, the last step is drawing the safety covers to protect your near and dear ones, including pets, from accidentally falling into the water.

There are different kinds of covers for an inground swimming pool in Winnipeg. The most common type of cover is a safety cover. The idea behind the safety cover is to prevent people and pets from getting trapped between the water and the non – safety cover of your pool.

Inground pool safety covers are available in three varieties: Mesh, Solid and Hybrid. The hybrid safety cover includes the benefits of mesh and solid covers. Let’s find out more about the different kinds of safety covers for your above-ground or inground swimming pool in Winnipeg.

Solid Safety Cover For Swimming Pools

As the name suggests, a solid safety cover protects your pool from environmental factors such as the sun, rain, wind, debris, snow and ensures that your pool remains clean during the off-season. Due to the strong, solid nature of the safety cover, the cover prevents dirt from accumulating in the poor’s bottom during off-use. Moreover, it restricts the growth of algae and limits evaporation by blocking the sun and wind.

When water builds upon the pool cover’s surface, an automatic or manual pump is used to draw out this water and get rid of it. Maintaining your solid safety cover is essential for its durability and lifespan. Make sure you clear away all the dirt and debris that accumulates on its surface. It is important not to let snow or ice build on the surface as this is a safety hazard and can damage the cover and equipment such as the pump.

Mesh Safety Cover For Swimming Pools

Mesh covers are the traditional safety covers used for pools and are also the more affordable options. The safety cover installation and maintenance for your inground or above-ground pool are fairly simple due to it being lightweight. These covers typically last for 15 years with proper maintenance.

Mesh safety cover prevents water from accumulating on top as the structure allows melted snow and water to drain directly into the pool below. Since the mesh is woven tightly, it does not allow large debris such as sticks and leaves to pass through and collect at the pool’s bottom. However, you will still notice some dust and dirt on the pool since the mesh allows fine particles to go through.

Another important factor to consider with a safety cover is the amount of sunlight that is blocked. Depending on the type, a mesh cover can block up to 99% of the sunlight. As you may be aware, sunlight aids in the growth of algae in your pool, and you would not want that. You can stop algae’s growth in your backyard inground or above-ground swimming pool by adding an algaecide.

Maintenance is key to ensure the longevity of your mesh cover. If you live in Winnipeg, you will need to remove the snow’s buildup on your safety cover. Removal of snow ensures that the mesh cover does not tear under stress.

Hybrid Safety Covers For Swimming Pools

As the name suggests, a hybrid safety cover is a combination of solid and mesh type covers and offers the benefits of both while addressing its limitations. In a solid pool cover, there will be a buildup of water on top and will require you to pump it out throughout the season. On the other hand, in a hybrid pool cover, mesh panels allow the water to drain into the pool.

Hybrid safety covers allow protection from UV sunlight and also prevent debris from entering the pool. Essentially, this addresses the drawbacks of solid and mesh covers while including their benefits.

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