Worried about how your pool will be affected by weather changes? It’s important to maintain your pool to save you money and keep it in good condition so you can enjoy it for longer. A simple way to do that is by protecting it from weather damage. A few simple tips can keep your pool ready to take on any weather in no time. Here’s a guide:

Excessive Rain

Too much rain may ruin your plans, but never let it ruin your pool. When there’s an excessive amount of rainfall, your pool can be affected in several ways:

  • Corrosion of plaster and metal: To make sure this does not occur, you have to maintain proper chemistry. If you maintain stable chemistry, slight rain will not affect the pool water. However, heavy rainfall will require you to drain the pool and re-test the chemicals.
  • The equipment is flooded: Flooded pool equipment can be a nuisance. Make sure to avoid this from happening by installing the equipment area with good drainage. 
  • Contaminated water: To fix this, adjust the water chemistry and super chlorinate the water. 
  • Damaged structure: Always check over the pool after rainfall for any cracks, leaks or overall issues.

Excessive Sun

The heat and UV rays from the sun can affect the pool’s materials. Other effects can include: 

  • Reduces chlorine’s effectiveness: The sun can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine in sanitizing the pool. Make sure your chlorine levels are at the proper levels.
  • Increases algae growth: Algae growth can occur when there is insufficient chlorine in your pool water to prevent it. The pool water needs to be circulated well to avoid algae buildup.
  • Increases water evaporation: This will happen if your pool water is exposed to the sun. You should cover the pool if the water is evaporating rapidly and add more water. 
  • Increases water heating: If the pool water is too hot to swim in, make sure you’re running the heat pump to cool water in the pool. 

Powerful Winds

Intense winds can cause serious damage to your pool. It’s important to have it as secure as possible. High winds can affect your pool in several ways:

  • Debris: Leaves and other debris can blow into the pool from high winds. This can clog pool filters and disperse insects into the pool. Make sure your filtration systems are running and clean. Remove the debris in the pool with a pool skimmer.
  • Heat loss: Intense winds will change the pool temperature and make it cooler. Make sure your pool heater is running to get it back to a warm temperature.


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