If you’re a pool owner, you’re well aware that after heavy rainfall or a storm, you need to ensure your pool is not damaged and in proper working condition. Without proper care, your pool will collect germs, debris and other contaminants that will prevent you and your loved ones from using the pool. Next time there’s heavy rain and the pool floods over, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at the structural condition of your pool to make sure it is not damaged. This should always be done first because it will help determine what to do next. 
  2. Inspect the pool’s structure carefully to look for any cracks or leaks which could affect your pool’s stability. 
  3. Clean all the debris from your pool until the water is clear of dirt or any contaminant that should not be present. 
  4. Large pieces of debris are easy to remove but you may require a vacuum to remove smaller debris that is too fine to remove by hand.
  5. Clean out the filter. If the rainfall or storm was severe, you may need to clean out the filter several times while vacuuming.
  6. Make sure all the above steps have been completed before using any pool cleaning chemical otherwise you will encounter more problems. 
  7. If required, super chlorinate your pool water if it doesn’t seem clean enough. The amount of chlorine should be based on the amount of water in your pool, so calculate accordingly.
  8. Recirculate your pool water for 24 hours before testing for free chlorine levels. If you find no free chlorine you must super chlorinate again. Repeat until the free chlorine remains in your pool after the 24 hour period.
  9. Adjust all the other water quality perimeters, including alkalinity and cyanuric acid. 
  10. If you complete all of these steps and find that your pool is still not safe or clean enough for a swim, it’s time to call a professional for help.

Boxx Pool, Winnipeg

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