One of the great things about having a pool in your backyard in Winnipeg is that you can swim whenever you want during the warmer months. Cool off on hot summer days with a personal space large enough to soak in but small enough to easily keep clean. Each pool is unique and tailored to the needs and wants of that customer. Some can be more shallow, while others prefer a deep soaking space. Regardless of what you prefer, there are a few universal factors that each pool owner needs to consider. One being the lighting.

Why Do You Need Pool Lighting?

Having a well lit pool is essential to creating a fun, usable, and safe space. A pool’s lighting allows it’s swimmers to regard the other swimmers, and identify any potential pool hazards before diving in. Having lighting in your pool also illuminates the pool depth and walls preventing any possible confinement injuries.

While much of pool lighting’s job is functional; stylistically, lighting levels up your outdoor space. With colour-changing lights, you can easily transform your daytime sanctuary into a nighttime party zone. As a parent, being able to keep a more watchful eye on your children is another bonus.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Pool Lighting

Now you’ve determined you need pool lighting, what secondary considerations need to be made?

Kind of Lighting

When it comes to the type of lighting in your pool, there are three main choices: LED, fibre optics, and iridescent lighting. Any of these three are all solid choices, though LED lighting offers a faster and easier installation as well as many customizable options. These lights emit no heat and will not change the temperature of your pool. Fibre optics are another great option, they include many advantages of LED lighting, but they are not ideal for lighting up larger pools due to their lack of brilliance. Iridescent lights do not change colour and may not last as long as LEDs, though they are fairly inexpensive.

How Much Lighting

How much lighting your pool will need depends on the size and depth. Deeper, wider pools may need more lighting to effectively light up the sides and bottom of the pool. Smaller pools like those offered by Boxx Pool, may only require a few small lights to illuminate the water.


Pool lighting requires very little maintenance; just set and forget most of the lights. If a bulb ever goes out, you can always replace it. Make sure that you have a professional install your pool lighting to limit the issues with your lighting in the future and extend its life.

Thinking about getting a pool? Check out the unique options offered by Boxx Pools. Our pools are environmentally friendly and made of recycled shipping containers. This above-ground pool option is perfect for any family looking to cool off in the summer and minimize yearly maintenance. Our pools are compatible with different kinds of pool lighting. Contact us today to discuss your options.