Now that summer is upon us, many homeowners are anticipating the moment they get to open their pool up and take the pool cover off. However, opening or closing your pool that has a tarp cover can be far more time consuming and strenuous. Tarp style pool covers were essentially the only default cover for most homeowners. As cheap as they may be, the tarps are extremely heavy and awkward to store. This is why many homeowners are making the switch from the tarp pool covers to pool safety covers.

What are pool safety covers and how will the switch benefit you? Read on for everything you need to know about safety covers.

What Are Pool Safety Covers?

Safety covers are designed to protect the pool and address many other concerns that homeowners have had with traditional pool tarps. These safety covers are much more durable, safe and visually appealing than the tarp alternative. Most safety covers are made out of a woven mesh design that allows water to transfer through while preventing larger objects and debris from getting inside. The mesh squares are sewn together to increase durability and strength to ensure the cover will be effective at protecting the pool and its structure. Springs are often sewn into the cover’s edges and once the cover is in place on the pool, it is anchored into the pool.

Benefits of the Pool Safety Cover

Pool safety covers have a number of advantages when it comes to the opening and closing process of your pool. Here are the top benefits of a safety pool cover:

1. Pool Safety Covers Protect Families

Safety covers provide a safe, tight and secure way to cover your pool that is recognizable for children and adults alike. The covers are strong enough to hold the entire weight of an adult if they walk across it. That ultimately makes it the safest option for families or pool owners with pets. Traditional tarp pool covers equipped with water bags can become a highly dangerous safety hazard. Additionally, heavy rain or snowfall on the tarp cover can significantly weigh it down and be dangerous for young children and pets.

2. Easier To Clean

Vinyl tarp covers can be extremely difficult to clean and maintain their cleanliness and keep them debris-free. Safety pool covers are much easier to clean and maintain. The primary requirement is to hose down the pool cover material and brush the debris and dirt off gently to keep it well-maintained. Afterwards, you can fold the cover and store it to dry and remain free of dirt and debris for the offseason.

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