There are the rules we’ve all heard or know regarding pool safety, but there are many others that are often neglected because they are a little more complicated. No pool-related safety topics should ever be forgotten because you never know when you’ll need to apply the right knowledge. 

Chemicals are a major part of pools and yet many people do not know the safety rules that apply to this component.

Here are 3 tips that are very important to understand before you purchase any more chemicals or jump into your pool:

  1. Not all fire extinguishers can be used on chemical fires. If you ever see that the chemical in your pool has become inflamed, it’s very natural to reach for a fire extinguisher from your home containing dry chemicals. While this would be the first instinct for many people the reality is that you would end up making a bigger flame instead of eliminating it. You should instead use large amounts of water, which is the only thing that will help extinguish this kind of flame. You should of course also call your local fire department immediately and evacuate the pool area and your home right away. 
  2. CPR is not the same for children and adults. Whenever children are in or around the pool there should always be adults present and at least one of the adults must know how to give CPR to children specifically. The reduction of force is the main difference between a child and an adult so it’s important to know how hard chest compression must be on an infant as well as a child because in the event of an emergency you’ll want to apply the right amount to save a life. For infants, two fingers must be used during chest compressions and for a child, the base of your hand must be used. Remember that young bones are very fragile, so the correct placement and pressure will make a big difference. 
  3. Controlling algae is important because it prevents slips and falls. Algae will make the surrounding areas of a pool very slippery and unless it is taken care of someone can experience a very dangerous fall. It also reduces the effectiveness of sanitizers meaning bacteria and viruses will be present in your water which is something you don’t want. You need to keep algae under control at all times so that your sanitizer can continue to work optimally and so no one loses their footing while walking around the pool.

Safety tips will help you enjoy your pool instead of worrying about it! If you’ve been considering a backyard pools or are interested in in-ground pools, contact Boxx Pool in Winnipeg. We can provide you with information regarding shipping container and storage pools which are very popular, so for all of your above ground pool inquiries contact them today!

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